Life Worth Living : A guide to what matters most

Life Worth Living : A guide to what matters most

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Matthew Croasmun

Category: Mind Body & Spirit

Publication date: 3/30/23

Publisher: Rider & Co

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 352 pages

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What kind of life would be truly worth wanting? What kind of world would be truly worth seeking? How should we live?We are facing a crisis of meaning. Swept up in the obstacles of the day-to-day, the deeper questions of our fundamental purpose linger just beneath the surface of our personal lives and our collective culture. What we need is to seek the truth. In Life Worth Living, leading Yale theologians Volf, Croasmun and McAnnally-Linz offer a deep dive beneath the levels of habit, strategy and introspection to the bedrock question of what kind of life is truly worth living. Inspired by the leading Yale course of the same name, this perspective-shifting book will guide you through life's biggest questions. Drawing on the world's greatest religious and philosophical traditions, this is your path to understanding the true meaning of life.