Literary T-shirts

Bibliophiles, its time to wear your literary taste on your literal sleeves.

Our collection of book t-shirts combine book quotes from literary classics, images inspired by our favourite titles, and bookish references galore. These ethically produced t-shirts are the perfect way for you to showcase your devotion to the written and the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life.

These t-shirts don't just look and feel good, they're the most sustainably produced t-shirts available in the UK right now. Made from GOTS certified organic materials, using renewable energy and designed to come back to be remanufactured when they're worn out, these are slow-fashion items you can feel good about buying. Check out the ethical credentials of these organic cotton and recycled plastic t-shirts in full at the manufacturer's website -

Unleash your inner wordsmith and your outer style icon with our ethically made literary t-shirts.