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Mark Dawson


Category: Fiction / Crime Thrillers

Publication date: 7/6/23

Publisher: Mountain Leopard Press

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 336 pages

Weight: 582

Dimensions: 163 x 242 x 35

John Milton is a ghost. He was Number One. The most dangerous assassin in Group Fifteen, the black-ops organisation that solves problems when diplomacy has failed. Now Milton is Her Majesty�_Ts most wanted fugitive �_" an anonymous loner with a deadly set of skills. So when he is arrested following a brawl in a Texas bar, the last person he expected to bail him out was a glamorous operative from the Russian Secret Service. Milton is blackmailed into finding his predecessor as Number One. But she's a ghost, too, and just as dangerous as him. He finds himself in deep trouble, playing the Russians against the British in a desperate attempt to save the life of his oldest friend. Some ghosts are better left alone. But these two have been disturbed and now there's going to be hell to pay. What readers are saying about the John Milton series: ????? 'Move over Reacher and Bond!'????? 'The characters are well written. The pacing is excellent' ????? 'Strong, relevant and very cinematic' ????? 'Dawson is a great writer, painting vivid pictures with his descriptions'????? 'Incredibly entertaining and fun'????? 'Remarkable book!'????? 'I am thoroughly hooked on Mark Dawson's writing. No dull pages, just smooth flowing lines from start to finish'