Invincible Universe Compendium Volume 1

Invincible Universe Compendium Volume 1

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Benito Cereno

Category: Fiction Graphic Novels

Publication date: 6/13/23

Publisher: Image Comics

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 672 pages

Weight: 1352

Dimensions: 169 x 260 x 37

THE BEST SUPERHERO UNIVERSE SERIES IN THE UNIVERSE!A�By now, everyone in the world knows Invincible. But what about the rest of the Invincible Universe�_Ts heroes and villains?A�Atom Eve! Rex Splode! Brit! Best Tiger!A�This collection reveals the secret history of Invincible's closest allies, as well as the formation of a brand-new Guardians of the Globe team to fight the largest gathering of supervillains ever: The Order. A�Collects INVINCIBLE PRESENTS: ATOM EVE #1-2, INVINCIBLE PRESENTS: ATOM EVE & REX SPLODE #1-3, GUARDING THE GLOBE (VOL. 1) #1-6, GUARDING THE GLOBE (VOL. 2) #1-6, and INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE #1-12.