I Heard What You Said : A Black Teacher, A White System

I Heard What You Said : A Black Teacher, A White System

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Jeffrey Boakye

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Publication date: 5/25/23

Publisher: Picador

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 384 pages

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A thought-provoking and fearless exploration of how we can dismantle racism in the classroom and do better by all our students. An Amazon Best Non-Fiction Book of The Year�_~Essential reading�_~ �_" The Guardian�_~Sharp and witty with moments of startling candour�_~ �_" The i�_~Revealing and beautifully written�_~ �_" David Harewood_____Before Jeffrey Boakye was a black teacher, he was a black student. Which means he has spent a lifetime navigating places of learning that are white by default. Since training to teach, he has often been the only black teacher at school. At times seen as a role model, at others a source of curiosity, Boakye�_Ts is a journey of exploration �_" from the outside looking in. In the groundbreaking I Heard What You Said, he recounts how it feels to be on the margins of the British education system. As a black, male teacher �_" an English teacher who has had to teach problematic texts �_" his very existence is a provocation to the status quo, giving him a unique perspective on the UK�_Ts classrooms. Told through a series of eye-opening encounters based on the often challenging and sometimes outrageous things people have said to him or about him �_" from �_~Can you rap?�_~ and �_~Have you been in prison?�_~ to �_~Stephen who?�_~ �_" Boakye reflects with passion and wit on what he has found out about the presumptions, silences and distortions that underpin the experience of black students and teachers. _____�_~Hugely important�_~ �_" Baroness Lawrence�_~Deeply compelling, intellectually rigorous and essential�_~ �_" Nels Abbey�_~Makes a powerful case�_~ �_" Rt Hon Lady Hale