Listen to the Universe : A beginner's guide to synchronicity

Listen to the Universe : A beginner's guide to synchronicity

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Anne-Sophie Casper

Category: Mind Body & Spirit

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 5/16/23

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 128 pages, 166 Illustrations, unspecified

Weight: 340

Dimensions: 220 x 172 x 9

A practical guide to synchronicity and being in tune with the universe. Philosophy and self-help blend seamlessly in Listen to the Universe to give the reader a well-rounded understanding of the concept of synchronicity alongside suggestions for how to incorporate the lessons into everyday life and make listening to the universe as natural as breathing. Arranged over the course of 24 hours, life coach Anne-Sophie Casper shares what she has learned by letting go of the illusion of control she felt she had over her life - an illusion that was ultimately making her miserable. Instead, she turned her energies to trusting in the power of "synchronicities" as supplied by the universe. Written in an engaging tone, the book introduces the concept of synchronicity, exploring the meaning of the word and its genesis, and providing examples of what a synchronicity may be. It then goes on to explore ways that listening to and noticing the messages from the universe - the synchronicities we experience everyday - can ultimately lead us to greater contentment and connection. Guiding the reader through the course of a day, Listen to the Universe unpacks the moments where our senses are most in tune with the wider world, and shows the reader how to embrace and encourage this connection - as well as how to incorporate the lessons this heightened awareness can teach us. Throughout the book are moments for the reader to pause and engage with questionnaires and quizzes to help unpack the lessons and concepts outlined. Rooted firmly in the personal experience of the universe, it is the ultimate practical toolkit and guide for personal self-development and how to live a better life.