Leaves, Roots & Fruit : A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting an Organic Kitchen Garden

Leaves, Roots & Fruit : A Step

Step Guide to Planting an Organic Kitchen Garden

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Nicole Johnsey Burke

Category: Gardening & Farming

Publication date: 4/25/23

Publisher: Hay House Inc

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 256 pages

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An Intuitive Gardening System Built for SuccessDo you dream of walking through your own kitchen garden with baskets full of delicious food you grew yourself? But are you waiting to begin because you think you don�_Tt have enough space, sun, time, or experience?Then consider this: Plants want to grow. And when you match a plant�_Ts needs to your own resources, you�_Tre just one step away from success in the kitchen garden. Nicole Johnsey Burke�_"founder of Gardenary, Inc., and author of Kitchen Garden Revival�_"is your expert guide for growing your own fresh, organic food every day of the year, no matter where you grow. More than just providing the how-to, she gives you the know-how for a practical and intuitive gardening system that includes:- Leaves �_" quick satisfaction from abundant harvests, most available and simplest to grow; includes salad greens and herbs- Roots �_" underground harvests that require more tending and are built for endurance, longevity, and longer shelf life; includes tubers, bulbs, and rhizomes- Fruit �_" the most demanding and sweetest of all, requiring the most space, sunlight, and consistent watering to blossom; includes beans, squash, and tomatoesBurke provides clear step-by-step instructions for setup, care, and harvest for each category of plants, complete with insightful tips for every level of gardener to grow with their plants. There�_Ts always a plant you can grow right where you are, right away�_"all you have to do is follow the steps.