Radiant Wildheart : A Guide to Awaken Your Inner Artist and Live Your Creative Mission

Radiant Wildheart : A Guide to Awaken Your Inner Artist and Live Your Creative Mission

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Shereen Sun

Category: Mind Body & Spirit

Publication date: 3/28/23

Publisher: Hay House Inc

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 288 pages

Weight: 424

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Identify your creative mission and fulfill your purpose, guided by an inspiring road map of enthusiastic pep talks, artistic exercises, writing prompts, and a unique archetypal framework. As a bold and unique individual, you arrived on this planet with a sacred, Creative Mission�_"a reason for being that was whispered into your ear before you were born. But when negative forces seem to stifle you, how do you find the clarity, confidence, and resilience to share your gifts with the world? Everyone has the power to become a revolutionary artist. In this guide to unapologetic self-expression and liberation, Shereen Sun, founder of Radiant Wildheart, supports you in finding the deep personal healing that can be found from walking your Divine Purpose Path. With their encouragement and exercises, you will: - discover your Creative Mission and meet your elemental archetype - cultivate your inner artist to align with your values and goals - utilize your natural gifts to live your truth - channel your rebellious energy into a positive force for your community, your career, and the world Magical illustrations paired with straightforward advice will inspire you to express yourself in the world. When you awaken your inner artist and give them the space to flourish, your wildest, most authentic life can�_Tt help but manifest. Are you ready to give your inner artist space to play?