Living Wild : New Beginnings in the Great Outdoors

Living Wild : New Beginnings in the Great Outdoors

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Joanna Maclennan

Category: Family Matters / Home Life

Format: Hardback

Publication date: 4/6/23

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 224 pages, 'With over 340 illustrations'; 344 Illustrations, color

Weight: 956

Dimensions: 201 x 259 x 25

Explores the lifestyles of families and individuals around the world who have escaped the daily grind to create a new life in harmony with nature. The impact of climate change and the pressures of city life - not to mention the life-changing events of the last few years - have left many of us dreaming of a simpler existence that benefits the environment and resets the mind. The lifting of restrictions, including travel, has meant that more of us than ever are re-evaluating how and where we live, eschewing disposable culture in favour of a more meaningful and sustainable way of life. From a family who relocated to the remote Australian bush to a young couple who live and work on a narrowboat on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in the UK, Living Wild tells the stories of people around the world who have made the leap into the unknown, exploring what inspired them and how the move has impacted upon their families and livelihoods. From tackling the daily challenges of living off-grid to minimizing waste and growing your own food, this book will be inspirational reading for anyone who aspires to live more sustainably.