Gods of the Wyrdwood: The Forsaken Trilogy, Book 1 : 'Avatar meets Dune - on shrooms. Five stars.' -SFX

Gods of the Wyrdwood: The Forsaken Trilogy, Book 1 : 'Avatar meets Dune


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RJ Barker


Category: Fiction Fantasy

Format: Hardback

Publication date: 6/29/23

Publisher: Orbit

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 640 pages

Weight: 926

Dimensions: 165 x 241 x 52

Ours is a land of many gods, and we are a people with the ability to pick the worst of them. Cahan du Nahare is known as the forester - a humble man who can nonetheless navigate the dangerous Deepforest like no-one else. But once he was more. Once he was a warrior. Udinny serves the goddess of the lost, a goddess of the small and helpless. When she ventures into the Deepforest to find a missing child, Cahan will be her guide. But in a land at war, in a forest full of monsters - Cahan will need to choose between his past life and the one he leads now - and his choice will have consequences for his entire world. Gods of the Wyrdwood is book one in a new fantasy trilogy set within the bounds of a forest straight out of darkest folklore - with outlaws fighting an evil empire and warring deities. RJ Barker is the British Fantasy Society Award-winning author of The Bone Ships and Age of Assassins. *****'An experienced novelist at the top of his game - this is Avatar meets Dune, on shrooms' Five stars from SFX'A splendid fantasy work, full of RJ's trademark invention. Highly recommended.' Adrian Tchaikovsky'A sweeping story of destiny and redemption. Weighty, deliberate, tender and brutal, this is a big, wonderful book and an utterly involving read' Daily Mail