Murder in Merrywell

Murder in Merrywell

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Jane Bettany


Category: Fiction / Crime Thrillers

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 6/22/23

Publisher: HQ Digital

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 320 pages

Weight: 214

Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 20

Welcome to Merrywell. Population: small. Secrets: aplenty. 'Murder in Merrywell is an entertaining and engaging cozy mystery set against a beautiful backdrop.' - Clare Chase Ex-journalist Violet Brewster is keen to make a good first impression in her new community, having just moved to the small village of Merrywell. When Violet hears about the mystery of Helen Slingsby, who disappeared from the village forty years earlier, she decides to help uncover what happened. But despite Violet's best efforts, she can find no trace of the missing woman. As Violet talks to the other residents, it becomes apparent that something sinister is lurking beneath the village's idyllic exterior. When a villager is found dead in their home, Violet becomes convinced that the murder is connected to Helen. Did Helen ever really leave Merrywell? Who in the village is hiding something? And can Violet finally solve this forty-year-old mystery before someone else gets hurt? An utterly gripping and page-turning English cozy mystery, perfect for fans of Clare Chase, Frances Evesham and Betty Rowlands. Readers LOVE Murder in Merrywell! 'A perfect cozy mystery with an engaging cast of characters and a beautifully-drawn setting.' Roz Watkins 'If you love cozy crime/mystery books then you will not be disappointed... A book to put to the top of your 'must read now' pile!' C.L. Peache 'Violet Brewster is everything you could want in an amateur sleuth; empathetic, determined, and ruthless in her quest for truth... A must read!' Charlotte Baker 'Interesting characters, and the story is funny, thrilling and touching. A very good combination.' NetGalley reviewer, 'Murder in Merrywell has moments that will make you laugh out loud! I recommend to all readers.' NetGalley reviewer,