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Chris Carse Wilson

Category: Fiction / Crime Thrillers

Format: Hardback

Publication date: 4/27/23

Publisher: HarperNorth

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 240 pages

Weight: 396

Dimensions: 143 x 224 x 31

Beautiful, amazing, mesmerising' ALAN CUMMING A MISSING PERSON MYSTERY LIKE NO OTHER I am not gone. Mum is not gone. We are here. We are hidden. A father who is trying to rescue his lost wife. Their child, desperately searching the wild forests and dangerous mountains of the Scottish Highlands, not knowing what's out there. An abandoned cottage in the remote wilderness, filled with thousands of confusing, terrifying handwritten notes. And a dark, looming voice who threatens to destroy everything... 'This hallucinatory debut will grab you' DAMIAN BARR 'A dark and atmospheric masterpiece' VIKKI PATIS 'Mind-alteringly beautiful writing' KIRSTIN INNES 'Chilling and very original ... I couldn't put it down' SIMON McCLEAVE 'Eerie and ethereal, Fray is an unsettling quest in the unforgiving Scottish highlands - utterly spellbinding' MARION TODD 'A totally original novel that throws up lots of surprises. The writing is awe-inspiring' ALEX PINE -*A FINANCIAL TIMES 'BEST NEW DEBUT FICTION' PICK**A SCOTS MAGAZINE BOOK OF THE MONTH**A COURIER BOOK OF THE WEEK* - BOOKSELLERS RECOMMEND FRAY 'Fray was so much more than I expected. It is beautifully written, you could sit back and sip it like a good wine ... I was so caught up in it I couldn't face putting it down ... Most certainly recommended, this is a very accomplished debut' 'Fray is an exceptional and haunting debut, very reminiscent of the work of Max Porter ... I absolutely loved it. Chris Carse Wilson is a highly talented writer and Fray is filled with passages that resonated deeply with me' - READERS RECOMMEND FRAY 'A truly unique book, like nothing I've ever read before ... a thoughtful and beautifully written story, which is simultaneously gripping. This is a must-read.' 'A twisting tale of grief and mental health that sucked me in from the start and swept me along with it ... I couldn't put it down.'