We All Go into the Dark

We All Go into the Dark

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Francisco Garcia

Category: True Crime

Publication date: 4/27/23

Publisher: Mudlark

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 320 pages, 20 col plates (9pp)

Weight: 432

Dimensions: 144 x 224 x 32

A captivating, eloquent and deeply original book, We All Go into the Dark is an absolute must-read for true-crime fans across the board. Three women were brutally murdered between early 1968 and late 1969, each after a night dancing at Glasgow�_Ts infamous Barrowland Ballroom. Their murders were linked and ascribed to the spectre of the well-dressed, scripture-quoting killer who had apparently stalked the city�_Ts dancehalls. The figure was never caught or identified. But the intervening years spawned a legend that never quite lost its grip on the popular imagination of Glasgow. The killings provoked the country�_Ts largest ever manhunt, as well as countless suspects, books, documentaries, earnest speculation, pub theorising and bouts of urban mythmaking. In We All Go into the Dark, Francisco Garcia delves into how Bible John has morphed across generations, interrogates our collective obsession with �_~solving�_T historic crimes and questions why some killings are forgotten with indecent haste and why others are never permitted to be forgotten at all.