Love is in the Air

Seven Days in June - Tia Williams

When a book forces you to put it down, pace the room for a bit, and then pick it right back up again, you know it’s a good’un.
One hot New York summer and best-selling romance writer Eva Mercy has been invited to a literary panel of black writers. Who should she see, but her first great love (and now literary golden-boy) Shane Hall. Over the course of one week they grapple with reacquaintance over a decade since their catastrophic teenage relationship. Full of yearning, flirting, and the messy baggage of past-selves, Shane and Eva will grab your heart in their fists and refuse to let go.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler - Casey McQuiston

Perfect for all our Young Adult readers, this book is like a sherbet lemon sweet on a hot summer day. In False Beach, Alabama, there are only two rules: love God first, and Shara Wheeler second. LA born-and-raised Chloe Green is counting the days until she can escape, but her plans are derailed when Golden-Girl, principal’s daughter (and her academic nemesis) Shara Wheeler kisses her in the elevator and disappears on prom night. Leaving only a cryptic clue about where to find her. Furious, confused, and intent on revenge, Chloe teams up with Shara’s boyfriend and her neighbour to embark on a quest to find her, and bring her to justice. Sharp, fizzy, and full of Casey McQuiston’s signature dialogue, this is a book that will make you squeal into your pillow long into the night. 

Love Theoretically - Ali Hazelwood

The darling of BookTok Ali Hazelwood adds to her collection of STEMinist romances with Love Theoretically.
Theoretical physicist Dr Elsie Hannaway has her hands full, what with her mind-numbing job, her exhausting family, and her side-gig as a ‘fake girlfriend’. But when the suspicious and standoffish brother of her favourite client turns out to be the experimental physicist who ruined her mentor’s career and is standing between Elsie and her dream-job, her worlds collide. Fun, steamy, and full of the classic scientific nerdery that makes Ali Hazelwood so beloved,
Love Theoretically is the perfect rom-com.

Love in Colour - Bolu Bablola

For those who simply can’t pick on what style of romance they want, may we present all of them? In this romantic selection of short stories Bolu Babalola retells famous love stories from throughout history and myth. Weaving between literary symbolism and contemporary rom-com to crime noir and historical fiction, each story is familiar and yet totally new. From Eros and Psyche told as colleagues at a social media company, to a Nigerian goddess yearning to be understood. Each story is fresh and vibrant, bursting with colour and feeling. We’ve certainly been flicking back to our favourites, enjoying each one time and time again.

The League of Gentlewomen Witches - India Holton

This book is silly. It’s totally ridiculous and mad and we loved every page of it.
In a Victorian England where pirates fly houses and witches attempt bookclub-related revenge through poisoned tea and razor-sharp backhanded compliments, the magical Amulet of Black Beryl goes missing. Young witch Charlotte Pettifer embarks on a quest to find it, enlisting the help of notorious rake (and terrible pirate) Alex O’Reilly to help her. They may be sworn enemies, and the man couldn’t fly a house in a straight line if he tried, but things may just be sparking between them . . . Perfect for if you want a little bit of flirting, and a little bit of sword fighting, or both at the same time!

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry - Joya Goffney

One of Liv’s go-to comfort reads, and perfect for ages 14+. Quinn keeps lists of everything. From all the times she’s ‘ugly cried’, the secrets she can’t tell ANYONE, to all the boys she’s ever kissed. But when her journal goes missing, and an anonymous account blackmails her into facing her seven greatest fears or risk the rest of her lists going public, her life goes into free-fall. Desperate, she teams up with Carter, the last person to have the journal, and the antithesis of everything Quinn is. Together they embark on a quest to find the journal, face Quinn’s fears . . . and maybe find love? This book is the perfect mix of funny, exciting, flirty, wholesome. Road-trip/scavenger hunt/coming of age while also discussing heartwarming themes of young love, internalised prejudice, parental pressure and uncomfy friendships. 

Ocean’s Echo - Evarina Maxwell

Perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into Sci-Fi, who want their romance with a large side-helping of adventure. When Tennal, walking disaster and total flirt, is caught using his telepathic powers for illegal activities, he is sentenced to having his mind synched with someone powerful enough to control him. Enter Lieutenant Surit, son of a disgraced general and picture-perfect soldier. Both facing pressure from multiple sources, they agree to be synched together for life. But something is wrong in the galaxy, corruption is rife in the military, and no one will answer any questions. Together, Surit and Tennal must try to fight injustice, and their growing feelings for each other. A perfect political/military sci-fi with a tender and thoughtful romance at the centre. Both characters ripple with life, and the detail of the world-building is astounding.

Devotion - Hannah Kent

Sweeping and glorious, Hannah Kent returns from her epic Burial Rites with Devotion. Literary-leaning and epic in it’s scope.
In the late 1830’s Hanne feels cut off the from the other girls in her tight-knit Lutheran community. Only Thea, joyous and brave, seems to understand her. But when the group decide to make the arduous and deadly journey to a new land in Australia, relationships and family is put on the line. Full of detail and rich in emotion,
Devotion is an epic tale of love and perseverance in a time and place unfamiliar to many.

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Love Theoretically : From the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis

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Devotion : From the Bestselling Author of Burial Rites

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