Welcome to Glorious Tuga (SIGNED)

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Francesca Segal


Category: Fiction General

Publication date: 06/06/24

ISBN 13: 9781784745387

Sail to the tropical paradise where secrets don't stay hidden for long.  Zoologist Charlotte Walker has taken up a fellowship on the tiny, remote island of Tuga de Oro to study the endangered gold coin tortoises in the jungle interior. She can claim the best of reasons for this year in paradise – what better motivation than to save a species? – but the reality is more complex.

For Charlotte has a secret that connects her to the island and has finally determined to solve the mystery . . .

A complete and vivid world to escape to, Welcome to Glorious Tuga celebrates a fictional island, and the warm-hearted families who live there. Enchanting, uplifting and very funny, this is a captivating novel about love, belonging, and what it really means to come home.