The Twelve Books Of Christmas: Children (Confident Readers)

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The perfect gift for the confident children's book lover you love: 12 books wrapped and boxed by us, for you to collect in store.

This page is for the Children's Confident Reader book box.


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This page is for the Children's Confident Reader box. You can also choose from Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mixed, Teen and YA, Children's Early Readers, Children's Picture and Board Books

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The Vanquishers - Kalynn Bayron

Escape Room - Christopher Edge

Mouseheart - Fleur Hitchcock

Read Scream Repeat - Jennifer Killick

Podkin - Kieran Larwood

Strangeworlds Travel Agency - L.D. Lapinski

Moon Flight - Gill Lewis

Arkspire - Jamie Littler

Resist - Tom Palmer

Housetrap - Emma Read 

Ajay and the Mumbai Sun - Varsha Shah

The Ministry Of Unladylike Activity - Robin Stevens


You Can Cook Tasty Food

Pocket Guide To Neurodiversity - Daniel Aherne

Draw With Rob - Rob Biddulph

Black in Time - Alison Hammond

The Truth Detective - Tim Harford

The Rise of the Lionesses - Flo Lloyd Hughes

Unbelievable Football - Matt Oldfield

Where Are You Really From - Adam Rutherford

You Don't Know What War Is - Yeva Skalietska

Usborne Friendship Guide - Caroline Young


Bunny vs Monkey Multiverse Mix-Up - Jamie Smart

Saving Sorya - Nguyen Thi Thu Trang

Alcatoe and the Turnip Child - Isaac Lenkiewicz

Finding my voice - Aoife Dooley

Evil Emperor Penguin: The World Will be Mine - Laura Ellen Anderson

Sparks: Future Purrfect - Ian Boothby

Investigators: Heist & Seek - John Patrick Green

The Adventures of Captain Underpants - Dav Pikey