Poo! Is that you?

Poo! Is that you?

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With author Clare Helen Welsh holding a special virtual event for Crossways Infant School, we're happy to be able to offer signed, personalised bookplates for children at the school. We hope you enjoy the event and the book.

The book

Lenny the Lemur is on holiday in the Amazon rainforest. He's just settling down for a nice snooze when a very yucky smell wafts past... Poo-ie! What or who could it be? Lenny sets off to track down the source of the nasty niff.

Along the way, he meets lots of stinky creatures, finding out about the different smells they make and why. Learn about sloths, skunks, stinkbugs and more in the whiff-tastic Poo! Is That You?

Written by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Nicola O'Byrne, the book cleverly interweaves facts throughout and contains an information page at the back of the book, with a photo of each animal.

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