Children's Creative Writing Course
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Children's Creative Writing Course

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Got a pen?

Got a brain?

Got a human body aged 7-11 years old?

Then sign-up for our creative writing course, led by the wild imagination of Robin Etherington (The Etherington Brothers, Aardman, Viper Comics).

You'll learn what makes a great character, how to create a world that readers won't want to leave, and why you should almost never start a story with 'Once upon a time'.

Join us in the shop, Thursdays at 4pm. The 4-week course starts on Thursday 14th March 2019.

Cost: £20.00

Start date: Thursday 14th March 

Time: 4pm

Place: Right here, at Max Minerva's

What to bring: Your imagination, your ears and a water bottle and snack, in case you get hungry.