Front cover of Divide by Anna Jones. Image shows an illustration of a city skyline rising above a countryside landscape.
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Anna Jones introduces Divide 21/05/21

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Anna Jones groundbreaking book Divide - an exploration of the urban and rural cultural division over environmental issues - has inspired us to stretch our wings and host Anna at the bucolic Westbury Wildlife Park.

Event Date: Saturday 21st May 2022

Location: The Westbury Wildlife Park Directions

Time: 15:00

Cost: £6.99

The ticket price is redeemable against purchase of Divide (£16.99 in hardback). You will receive an email confirmation of your ticket purchase but we will have a list of all attendees on the door so you do not need to print out this email.

We ask that you purchase a drink from the cafe at Westbury Wildlife Park when attending the event to help support their valuable work. Thank you.


Divide is well written and thought-provoking.
Sunday Telegraph

Divide is a ground-breaking exploration of the urban and rural cultural division. This book is a plea and a call to action. It warns that unless we learn to accept and respect our social, cultural and political differences as town and country people, we are never going to solve the chronic problems present in our food system and environment.

As we stare down the barrel of climate change, only farmers - who manage two thirds of the UK’s landscape - working together with conservation groups can create a healthier food system and bring back nature in diverse abundance. But this fledgling progress is hindered and hamstrung by simplistic debates that still stoke conflict between conservative rural communities and the liberal green movement.

Each chapter, from Home and Work, Politics and Diversity to Animals and Food, Environment and Community, explores a different aspect of the urban/rural disconnect, weaving case studies and research with Anna’s personal stories of growing up on a small, upland farm.


Anna Jones is a journalist, broadcaster, blogger and Nuffield Farming Scholar. She has been heard on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today, On Your Farm, Costing the Earth and BBC World Service, and is an occasional freelance producer/director on BBC One’s Countryfile. She has also written for the Guardian and the farming trade press.

Growing up on the Welsh Borders, from at least five generations of farmers on her father’s side and a long line of butchers and farm labourers on her mother’s, Anna’s heritage is deeply rooted in working class, conservative, rural values.


Westbury Wildlife Park opened in 2021 and lies at the end of Trym Road, between Westbury Village and Badock's Wood.

It is a community space dedicated to preserving and protecting local flora and fauna, a centre to educate and create and a therapeutic natural environment.

We intend for the event to take place in the park's outdoor auditorium, with your ticket booking a seat within the auditorium.  In the event of bad weather we will move into the park's indoor event space.

The park is open to the public during the event so other people may watch from a standing position outside of the auditorium. We would appreciate it if you would buy a ticket rather than watching for free from outside the auditorium, to show support for the work of both Anna and the park. 

You can find out more information about the park and its work on their website.

A Google Map showing the park's location can be found here

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