Alternative Approaches to Historical Fiction

Alternative Approaches to Historical Fiction

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Three authors tackle historical fiction in very different ways. Learn all about how they research and what approach they chose when writing about (in)famous subjects and events. 

Stephanie Bretherton’s best-selling debut novel, BONE LINES (2018) – a story of two remarkable women separated by millennia – explores a crucial era of human history 74,000 years ago, and embraces a range of themes, including genetics, climate change and the clash between faith and reason.


Set in the late nineteenth century, Alice Jolly’s third novel, MARY ANN SATE, IMBECILE (2018), uses the astonishing voice of an elderly maidservant to bring to life a period of strife and rapid social change, recreating history from a woman’s perspective, and giving joyful, poetic voice to the silenced women of the past. Alice is the winner of the V.S.Pritchett Award (2014) and the PEN Ackerley Award (2016).


Robert Woodshaw’s debut novel, THE IRON BIRD (2019), takes the basic premise of ANIMAL FARM and applies it to the coming-of-age of Margaret Thatcher, using post-Orwellian political allegory to re-explore the received historical account of the formation of the Iron Lady’s formidable character in wartime Grantham.


The event will take place at Max Minerva's on Tuesday the 26th Feb at 7pm.

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