Art of Embroidery

Art of Embroidery

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Eva Minguet

Category: Knitting & Stitchcraft

Publication date: 5/19/23

Publisher: Instituto Monsa de Ediciones

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 144 pages

Weight: 578

Dimensions: 239 x 178 x 17

In this book, you will find a true expression of creativity and a celebration of women. Join 14 impressive embroiderers and their journey to creating exquisite art. In this innovative look at their experiences and creations, you will learn about their inspirations, lifestyles, and stories. With illuminating and in-depth interviews about how to get started with embroidery to how to combine textures and colours, it's an absolute pleasure to enjoy the work of these artists in print. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes from these masterful embroiderers, including: . Nature . Femininity . The human form . Lettering And so much more! This definitive and motivating book makes the perfect gift for a loved one or for you to keep for yourself -- A true work of art that you can hold and consult whenever needed. AUTHOR: Eva Minguet is a creative based in Barcelona and author of several books including the popular Women's Club, Wes Anderson Tribute, Murals, Kawaii Manga.Lovely !, Twin Peaks. Since 2012, she has leaded the production department of Monsa Publishing House, seeking inspiration for the different books in which she works, preparing the layout, the selection of material, and organizing the editorial schedule.