Stephen Wilkes. Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes. Day to Night

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Lyle Rexer

Category: Photography

Publication date: 6/20/23

Publisher: Taschen GmbH

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 296 pages

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If you were to stand in one spot at an iconic location for 30 hours and simply observe, never closing your eyes, you still wouldn�_Tt be able to take in all the detail and emotion found in a Stephen Wilkes panoramic photograph. Not only does Wilkes shoot over 1,500 exposures from a fixed angle, he also distills this visual information afterward in his studio, painstakingly composing selected frames into a single image.Day to Night presents 60 epic panoramas created between 2009 and 2022, shot everywhere from Africa�_Ts Serengeti to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, from the Grand Canyon to Coney Island, from Trafalgar Square to Times Square. Each composition is a labor of love as well as patience. Wilkes waited more than two years to gain permission to photograph Pope Francis celebrating Easter mass in the Vatican, ultimately producing a vivid tableau in which the pontiff appears 10 times.The book also features extraordinary details�_"works of art in their own right that highlight the stories contained within each image. A bride makes her way through Central Park; in Tanzania, zebras gather around a near-invisible watering hole during a drought; in Rio de Janeiro, surfers come and go while a man holds a sign reading �_oNo more than two questions per customer.�__ �_oIt is exactly these small stories, these details, that draw people into the photographs,�__ says Wilkes. Once discovered, these mini narratives lend each composition a personal, candid feel.This collection takes us on a seamless trip from dawn to dark across the world�_Ts most iconic locations, unveiling the unique ebb and flow of man-made and natural landmarks like never before.