The Big Fix : Seven Practical Steps to Save Our Planet

The Big Fix : Seven Practical Steps to Save Our Planet

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Hal Harvey

Category: Environmental Issues

Publication date: 7/6/23

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 320 pages, 1-c charts t-o;

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A �_osmart, honest, and down-to-earth�__ (Elizabeth Kolbert) citizen�_Ts guide to the seven urgent changes that willA�reallyA�make a difference for our climate. If you think the only thing you can do to combat climate change is to install a smart thermostat or cook plant-based meat, you�_Tre thinking too small. InA�The Big Fix, energy policy advisor Hal Harvey and longtimeA�New York TimesA�reporter Justin Gillis offer a new, hopeful way to engage with one of the greatest problems of our age. Writing in a lively, accessible style, the pair illuminate how theA�reallyA�big decisions that affect our climate get made�_"whether by the most obscure public utilities commissions or in the lofty halls of state capitols�_"and reveal how each of us can influence these decisions to deliver change. The pair focus on the seven areas of our political economy where ambitious but practical changes will have the greatest effect: from what kind of power plants to build to how much insulation new houses require to how efficient cars must be before they�_Tre allowed on the road. Equal parts pragmatic and inspiring�_"and �_ofull of illustrative stories and compelling evidence�__ (Al Gore)�_"The Big FixA�provides an action plan for anyone serious about holding our governments accountable and saving our threatened planet.