Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 2

Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 2

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Sakae Saito

Category: Fiction Graphic Novels

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 3/21/23

Publisher: Yen Press

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 162 pages

Weight: 186

Dimensions: 190 x 127 x 15

Youko and Airi's next stop is Umihotaru, a rest stop in the middle of Tokyo Bay famous for its nighttime view. But with the Aqua-line tunnel from Kawasaki flooded, they're forced to take a huge detour all the way to Chiba. On the way, they make a stop in Akihabara to investigate a mysterious radio signal. Could someone still be alive there...?