Going Mainstream : How extremists are taking over

Going Mainstream : How extremists are taking over

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Julia Ebner

Category: Politics

Format: Hardback

Publication date: 6/22/23

Publisher: Bonnier Books Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 304 pages

Weight: 488

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Piercingly revelatory ... a tour de force' - Carl Miller, author of The Death of the Gods'...a must-read ' - Eliot Higgins, author of We Are Bellingcat'A timely and frighteningly revealing book' - Richard Kerbaj, author of The Secret History of the Five EyesThe internationally bestselling author of Going Dark: the secret social lives of extremists (A Telegraph Book of the Year) returns to explore why radical ideas are increasingly infiltrating politics, popular culture and our everyday lives. Incels. Anti Vaxxers. Conspiracy theorists. Neo-Nazis. Once, these groups all belonged on the fringes of the political spectrum. Today, accelerated by a pandemic, global conflict and rapid technological change, their ideas are becoming more widespread: QAnon proponents run for U.S. Congress, neo-fascists win elections in Europe, and celebrity influencers spread dangerous myths to millions. Going Mainstream asks the question: What is happening here?Going undercover online and in person, UK counter-extremism expert Julia Ebner reveals how, united by a shared sense of grievance and scepticism about institutions, radicalised individuals are influencing the mainstream as never before. Hidden from public scrutiny, they leverage social media to create alternative information ecosystems and build sophisticated networks funded by dark money. Ebner's candid conversations with extremists offer a nuanced and gripping insight into why people have turned to the fringes. She explores why outlandish ideas have taken hold and disinformation is spreading faster than ever. And she speaks to the activists and educators who are fighting to turn the tide. Going Mainstream is a dispatch from the darkest front of the culture wars, and a vital wake-up call.