The British Bloke, Decoded : From Banter to Man-Flu. Everything finally explained.

The British Bloke, Decoded : From Banter to Man

Flu. Everything finally explained.

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Geoff Norcott

Category: Humour

Publication date: 9/14/23

Publisher: Monoray

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 240 pages

Weight: 408

Dimensions: 144 x 223 x 27

I laughed a lot and now understand blokes a lot more than I ever wanted to' - Katherine Ryan'Geoff is one of the funniest intelligent thinkers in comedy and this book reflects that perfectly' - Romesh Ranganathan'Geoff's examination of blokeness is Geoff all over - funny and insightful, making serious points without committing the cardinal sin of taking itself too seriously. Top bloke.' - Adrian Chiles'Highly informative. Geoff will make a proper bloke out of me yet.' - Hugo Rifkind'A brilliant and hilarious book which defends blokes without denigrating women' - Konstantin Kisin If you see a man drinking a pint in an airport pub alone, that's a bloke. If you see a man driving to the tip on a Saturday morning with a smile on his face, that's a bloke. And if you see a man heading back from the tip and on the way to the pub, that's a very happy bloke. The British Bloke appears simple and straightforward. He loves football, cricket, beer, sheds, wearing socks and books about the SAS. But beneath that simple exterior lies a mysterious and complex being. In The British Bloke Decoded, writer, comedian and regular bloke, Geoff Norcott peels back the layers of blokedom, revealing the truth behind the sometimes inexplicable behaviour of Britain's husbands, dads and brothers. Based on 46 years of field research and almost scientific insights, Geoff digs deep into subjects as wide as: the value of Banter, the surprising roots of Mansplaining, the near impossibility of getting blokes to send birthday cards, and whether there could be a medal system for Hoovering. And ultimately, he concludes that whilst the toxic men have been grabbing all the publicity - perhaps now's the time to celebrate the simple British bloke in all his eccentric splendour.