Magical Self-Care Tarot : Includes 78 Cards and a 64-Page Illustrated Book

Magical Self

Page Illustrated Book

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Leah Vanderveldt

Category: Mind Body & Spirit

Format: Mixed media product

Publication date: 6/13/23

Publisher: CICO Books

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 64 pages, 78 col artworks

Weight: 538

Dimensions: 174 x 141 x 43

Discover magic, practical advice, and opportunities for self-inquiry, along with self-care ideas that correspond to the themes of the cards. Praise for Magical Self-Care for Everyday Life:"A bewitching blend of earthy and otherworldly self-care ingredients." - Better Nutrition magazine"A veritable feast for the senses and the spirit." - Indie Mystic"Young, modern, stylish witchcraft... This holistic guide jump starts any magical self-care routine." - Moody MoonsTarot is a centuries-old tool used for divination, advice, play, and more, including self-care. Join tarot card reader and teacher Leah Vanderveldt to uncover how the cards can go beyond predicting a likely outcome based on the current energy. In the Magical Self-Care Tarot deck each card holds understanding, solutions and healing tools for mind, body and spirit, offering something constructive and helpful to focus on. In the guidebook, along with upright and reversed meanings, you will find a self-care action, an associated keyword, a spell and an astrological association and modality explanation for each card. With spreads for energetic support, reparenting, clarity, and elemental and inspired action, discover how to use the tarot for self-care. Whether you're looking for direction, support, or a way to deepen your self-care practice and add a little more magic to it, this deck can help.