Living Wild : How to Plant Style Your Home and Cultivate Happiness

Living Wild : How to Plant Style Your Home and Cultivate Happiness

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Hilton Carter

Category: Decorating & Interior Design

Format: Hardback

Publication date: 3/28/23

Publisher: CICO Books

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 224 pages, 225 col photographs

Weight: 1472

Dimensions: 228 x 288 x 26

In Living Wild, bestselling plant stylist, author, designer and family man Hilton Carter explores multiple ways to style your home with plants - and cultivate happiness along the way. The therapeutic benefits of living with and tending plants are well known - they offer a connection to the natural world that nurtures our mental and physical health. In this, his latest book, Hilton shows how to create a lush, stylish space with flourishing plants that bring life to your home and promote a happy and contented mindset. He discusses interior design choices - choosing the right colour scheme, textures and materials to showcase gorgeous greenery - then takes a deep dive into styling. From picking the perfect planter to statement plants and taking in centrepieces, living art and hanging planters plus outdoors spaces and plants for kids along the way, Living Wild is packed with interior design and styling ideas that blur the boundary between inside and out. Finally, we visit 8 unique homes that have been plant styled by Hilton and take a detailed look at his top ten designer plants, along with care and info tips.