Perfectly Queer : Facing Big Fears, Living Hard Truths and Loving Myself Fully

Perfectly Queer : Facing Big Fears, Living Hard Truths and Loving Myself Fully

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Jillian Abby

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Publication date: 4/25/23

Publisher: Hay House UK Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 288 pages

Weight: 310

Dimensions: 135 x 216 x 23

This humorous, heartwarming memoir follows a wife and mother's journey of self-discovery and acceptance as she comes out as a lesbian in her late 30s. Jill had a happy, healthy 20-year relationship with her college sweetheart, two wonderful kids, and rescue cat from the Humane Society. They lived in a nice suburban home with a white picket fence and owned a small bar that was rated one of the �_oBest Mom & Pop�__ businesses in Tampa Bay. From the outside, everything looked perfect. Perfectly Queer takes the reader on Jillian Abby's poignant and painfully funny rollercoaster of self-discovery as she identifies and eventually accepts herself as a lesbian just before her 40th birthday. Living her new truth means leaving behind a life that, by societal standards, is nearly perfect. This is a story for anyone who is hiding a piece of themselves and wants to know if it�_Ts safe to be revealed. It�_Ts for the parent who must choose between their own happiness and the stability of their family, wondering if prioritizing themselves is selfish. It�_Ts for the person potentially facing a major life upheaval filled with unknowns in the future who is seeking reassurance that everything will work out just fine. It�_Ts a story of hope and inspiration to those who are starting or are in the middle of their journey, and an affirmation to those who have been through it to stand proudly on the other side.