The Unicorn That Said No
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The Unicorn That Said No

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In the prettiest parts of the Forest of Hearts, a cute little unicorn was born. Its mane was puffy, its fur super fluffy. But as adorable as it looked, it didn't behave like the other unicorns in its herd. 'No' was its favourite word! No matter how many sweet lucky clovers or soft squishy cuddles that the other unicorns offered, the answer was always 'no'. And so this unicorn became known as the unocorn. It's no surprise that one day our contrary unicorn decides to break free of its cotton-candy world and have an adventure of its own. Along the way, the unocorn meets a raccoon who never listens ('Huh?'), a dog who doesn't care ('so what?') and a rude princess (whose favourite word is 'yes!'). What a wonderful team they make, because being stubborn is much more fun together!

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