The New Class War
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The New Class War

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In this book, Michael Lind exposes globalisation for what it really is: a strategy used by the people who run our governments, businesses, and the media - to undermine the working class. Trade and immigration really have damaged many low-wage employees. Globalisation is not an inexorable force that everyone should embrace. Instead, since the end of the Cold War it has been a strategy that serves the selfish interests of those who have the advantages to make the most of it. This is a book for anyone enraged by the smug selfishness of our elites and their attempts to put themselves on the moral high ground. It is also a compelling explanation for Brexit and Trump that doesn't just argue that large swathes of the population are stupid. Lastly, it is a compelling argument for what needs to change if populism is to be rebuffed and western democracy revived.

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