In the Beginning

In the Beginning

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Simon Edge

Category: Fiction General

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 6/8/23

Publisher: Lightning Books

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 336 pages

Weight: 314

Dimensions: 128 x 198 x 26

From the author of The End of the World is Flat. The Terg wars are over. Now meet the Yerfs. 'Brilliant! Perfectly captures both the absurdity and horror of this madness' - Gareth RobertsWhen Tara Farrier returns to the UK after a long spell as an aid worker in war-torn Yemen, she's hoping for a well-deserved rest. But a cultural battleground has emerged while she's been away, and she's unprepared for the sensitivities of her new colleagues at an international thinktank. A throwaway reference to volcanic activity millions of years ago gets her into hot water and she discovers she belongs to the group reviled by fashionable activists as 'Young Earth Rejecting Fascists', or 'Yerfs'. Faster than she can say 'Tyrannosaurus Rex', she is at the centre of a gruelling legal drama. In the keenly awaited follow-up to his acclaimed The End of the World is Flat, Simon Edge stabs once again at modern crank beliefs and herd behaviour with stiletto-sharp satire.