Foodology : A food-lover's guide to digestive health and happiness

Foodology : A food

lover's guide to digestive health and happiness

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Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Category: Health & Fitness

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 5/11/23

Publisher: Yellow Kite

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 336 pages

Weight: 458

Dimensions: 153 x 215 x 20

A spicy educational treat to be savoured: a delight.' Tim Spector'This is an extraordinary fusion of science, literature, medicine and cookery. I've never read anything quite like it - a book that will transform tour understanding of what you it and how it makes you feel.' Dr Xand and Dr Chris van Tulleken'I so enjoyed this book, it does so much, it will let you cook recipes like a top chef and at the same time give you the scientific foresight of a doctor.' Gregg Wallace'This takes you on a culinary and scientific journey through the gut, exploring digestion and how what we eat influences the way we feel.' Dr Max the Mind DoctorThe book will take you on a joint culinary and scientific journey through the gut. It is an unapologetic celebration of what I believe to be the most amazing organ of the body, that will enhance and enlighten the way you cook and eat. Saliha Mahmood AhmedWritten by a gastroenterologist and award-winning food writer, Foodology offers a unique perspective on the joy of eating. Explaining the process of digestion and how the food we eat influences the way we feel, Saliha draws on the latest science and her own experiences as both a doctor and a cook, to bring the subject to life. From childhood memories of devouring Indian street food to why munching on a jam doughnut brings gastronomic happiness, Saliha also offers 50 new, simple, delicious and mostly vegetarian recipes to help you explore your gut health and find your own gastronomic happiness. Foodology takes you on a journey from the first smell of food and bite of goodness through to the time it takes for food to leave the system, and all the processes in between. Have you ever thought about why certain smells can make your mouth water, how the texture of food can impact your taste and why some foods can make you bloat? Saliha takes you on an extensive journey through the gut to show you the true joy of food and why gastronomic happiness is so important to our lives. 'A great book for anyone who wants to cook a very tasty supper that hits the spot and also get to know their bodies, moods and emotions better. Foodology is both fascinating and full of delicious meals to enjoy cooking.' Melissa Hemsley'This is a book in the finest tradition of narrative recipe writing. It's a heavenly mix of whimsy, life and science, grounded in solid technique and blissful flavour.' William Sitwell