Illuminated By Water : Nature, Memory and the Delights of a Fishing Life

Illuminated By Water : Nature, Memory and the Delights of a Fishing Life

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Malachy Tallack

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Publication date: 3/23/23

Publisher: Penguin (Transworld)

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 272 pages

Weight: 194

Dimensions: 130 x 199 x 20

Shortlisted for the Richard Jefferies Award 2022Growing up in Shetland with its myriad lochs and burns, Malachy Tallack and his brother would roam the island in search of trout, and in so doing discovered a sense of freedom, of wonder - and an abiding passion. But why is it that fishing - or the mere contemplation of catching a fish - can be so thrilling and so captivating?Why is it that time spent beside water can be imprinted so sharply in memory?Why is it that what seems a simple act - of casting a line, waiting and hoping - can leave so much room for mystery?Here award-winning author and singer-songwriter Malachy Tallack tells the story of his own infatuation with fishing, a pastime that has brought him joy (and frustration) since early childhood. And in bringing together memoir, nature writing and reflections on culture and history, he explores why angling means so much to so many. Beautifully written and hugely engaging, it is a book about attention, about nature, and that sense of wonder; it is about a way of engaging with the world, of reaching out - and feeling it reach back.