The Portfolio Life : Future-Proof Your Career and Craft a Life Worthy of You

The Portfolio Life : Future

Proof Your Career and Craft a Life Worthy of You

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Christina Wallace

Category: Careers

Publication date: 4/20/23

Publisher: Ebury Edge

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 256 pages

Weight: 320

Dimensions: 153 x 234 x 21

A guide to leading a balanced life.' ADAM GRANTGone are the days of a one-path career: embrace all that makes you YOU and build a multifaceted life that celebrates all your skills and interests. In The Portfolio Life, millennial, Harvard Business School professor and serial entrepreneur Christina Wallace delivers a model for thriving amidst the constant disruptions of the 21st century. Adapting tried-and-true practices from the business sector, Christina makes Portfolio Living accessible and actionable for all readers through practical tools like her Balanced Scorecard, 100 Wishes Assessment, time optimisation benchmarks, and more. This book encourages you to embrace the Venn diagram of your life and interests, and make it work for you. Portfolio Living grants you permission to step back from the cult of ambition and define your life beyond just your paid work. Being multidimensional is a career superpower. This book empowers readers to shape their lives to align with their core values, aptitudes, and interests to future-proof their careers and their home lives. It teaches readers core skills in strategising how to utilise the skills and opportunities available to them, in a way that keeps both their bank balance and minds healthy.