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Ashleigh Nugent

Category: Fiction General

Publication date: 6/22/23

Publisher: Picador

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 352 pages

Weight: 460

Dimensions: 144 x 225 x 34

�_~1993 was the year that Stephen Lawrence got murdered by racists, and I became an angry Black lad with a �_ochip on his shoulder�__�_TAeon, a mixed-up and mixed-race teenager from a leafy Liverpool suburb, is desperate to understand the Black identity thrust upon him. He grows dreadlocks and immerses himself in �_~gangsta�_T rap. But Aeon�_Ts journey of self-discovery is hampered by the fact that the only Black people in his life are his dad and his cousin, Increase. Aeon�_Ts ambition to find his place in the world takes him to Jamaica. Here, Aeon soon finds that smoking loads of weed, growing messy locks and wearing massive red boots don�_Tt necessarily help him to fit in. Within days of his arrival he is mugged, arrested and banged up in a Jamaican detention centre. Seen as the �_~White boy�_T, he finds that his journey of self-discovery has only just begun �_" and he�_Ts going to have to fight for the respect and recognition he deserves . . . A coming-of-age comedy of errors, Locks is an electric debut novel about growing up, wising up, and finding your place in a world of opposites. _____'Blends humour and introspection, poetry and the poignant' - Derek Owusu, author of the Desmond Elliott Prize-winning That Reminds Me'Irreverent, authentic and utterly enthralling. A wonderful book' - Jimmy McGovern, creator of the drama series Cracker'Twisty, energetic, voice-led . . . Nugent is pure talent' - Raymond Antrobus, author of the Rathbones Folio Prize-winning The Perseverance'Thought provoking and funny' - David Beckler, author of A Long Shadow