Only One Life : Missions Stories from Around the World

Only One Life : Missions Stories from Around the World

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Paul M. Harvey


Category: Bibles

Publication date: 9/12/23

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 224 pages

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Protection. Prayer. Providence. People. People throughout history have shared stories to entertain, to inform, to inspire. Christ�_Ts people do this, but even more than that, they tell stories to testify to the mighty acts of their God. The stories in this book testify to God�_Ts protection in times of war, on journeys, from enemy attacks and in everyday life. They tell of prayers answered. They proclaim the Father�_Ts care, in providing what His people need at the very moment they need it. WEC �_" Worldwide Evangelization for Christ �_" is a mission organization founded by C.T. Studd and Alfred Buxton in 1913. There are nearly 2,000 full�_"time members from over 50nations working in 70+ locations around the globe. WEC UK & Ireland is made up of several hundred members. These stories come from among their ranks. Each written by an ordinary Christian, in their own words, these stories will challenge and encourage you. You will find yourself asking what might happen if you stepped out in faith.