10 Women Who Were Spiritual Mothers

10 Women Who Were Spiritual Mothers

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Dayspring MacLeod

Category: Religion

Publication date: 3/14/23

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

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Motherhood. Not for the faint hearted or blasAc,it�_Ts a state of being that tries one�_Ts patience, purpose and peace. Sequel toA�10 Women Who Overcame their Past, Dayspring Macleod�_Ts10 Women Who were Spiritual Mothers is set to be yet another poignant read. In tackling themes from purity to patience, each focused narrative allows the reader an insight into the lives of women whom theyA�may have heard of but not known well. From Katherine Parr, sixth and final wife of Henry VIII, to Sharon Dickens and Lisa Harper, the ten women represent a spectrum of life delivered via the prism of motherhood. This book isn�_Tt only for mothers. It�_Ts for those who are heartbroken, single, bereft or at peace in later life. Discipleship is a key theme, be it with the children who litter your hallways with Nerf Pellets or friends undergoing the ups and downs of infertility. As a woman who knows the support of women in her own life, Macleod has gracefully painted a canvas of joy in sorrows, peace and panic and Christ�_Ts love triumphant.