Rivets, Trivets and Galvanised Buckets : Life in the village hardware shop

Rivets, Trivets and Galvanised Buckets : Life in the village hardware shop

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Tom Fort

Category: History & Nostalgia

Format: Hardback

Publication date: 5/11/23

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 336 pages

Weight: 572

Dimensions: 166 x 253 x 35

A hymn to hardware, charming, lyrical' - The Sunday Times, BOOK OF THE WEEK'A paean to DIY' - The Times'Strung together very agreeably, with dry wit and, dare I say it, considerable polish' - Country LifeIn 2018 Tom Fort's daughter-in-law took over a century-old hardware shop. The family dreamed of developing the shop into one that would become the centre of village life; that much did come true, but not in the way they had expected. Interweaving the evolution of the shop, its previous owners, the customers it serves and the items it sells, Rivets, Trivets & Galvanised Buckets offers a delightful study of community and shines a light on the eccentricities of ordinary people. Alongside, it presents a fascinating history of technological development; from who thought of screwdrivers to where the spirit level came from, who devised the process of galvanisation and what genius worked out that a suction pad on the end of a piece of wood could unblock sinks. As Tom recounts: 'A little girl came with her father into Heath and Watkins, looked around for a while and said "Daddy, this is the shop of EVERYTHING"'. This is the story of how that happened.