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Dr Sophie Mort

Category: Self Help / Relationships

Format: Paperback

Publication date: 4.1.2024

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

ISBN 13: 9781471197567

Total Pages: 288 pages

Weight: 206

Dimensions: 130 x 198 x 20

Do you feel stuck in a rut and that you keep getting in your own way? Or maybe you have an idea of the version of yourself you want to be self-assured, happy and thriving.but getting there seems impossible?

Drawing on her expertise as a clinical psychologist with a masters in neuroscience, Dr Sophie shares the science of habit formation to help you understand your patterns of behaviour and start living the life you want. Dr Sophie breaks down the five reasons youu're stuck and gives you the tools to: Break bad habits and cultivate better ones Hack the heuristics that are holding you back Stop self-sabotaging Recognise the unconscious games you play Understand the long-lasting legacy of intergenerational beliefs (Un)Stuck is the must-have guide for becoming the YOU you want to be.