I'll Always Be With You : The addictive and heart-pounding new novel from the TikTok sensation

I'll Always Be With You : The addictive and heart

pounding new novel from the TikTok sensation

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Monica Murphy


Category: Fiction Romantic

Publication date: 5/18/23

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 464 pages

Weight: 318

Dimensions: 127 x 198 x 31

DISCOVER JUST HOW INTOXICATING LANCASTER PREP CAN BE WITH THE LATEST FROM THE TIKTOK SENSATION AND AUTHOR OF A MILLION KISSES IN YOUR LIFETIMEWeston Fontaine is the hottest senior at Lancaster Prep. He could have any girl on campus, except for one. Me. I'm a Lancaster, meaning I'm basically untouchable - or so I thought. My family owns the school which I have to endure before I can return to what I love most: ballet. West doesn't make my time here easy. He's arrogant. Crude. Insufferable. Yet he's the only boy I've ever let touch me . . . You see, West and I? We share a secret. In Paris, I revealed parts of myself to him I've never shown anyone else. And he did the same. So what happens when you helplessly fall for the one person you know is bad for you? . . . ____________READERS ARE OBSESSED WITH THE LANCASTER PREP SERIES . . . 'Wren and Crew stole my heart and neither of them will give it back. I cannot explain how much I adore this story . . . Full of angst, drama and steam' 5* READER REVIEW'Addictive, angsty and unforgettable . . . their chemistry was explosive' 5* READER REVIEW'Wren and Crew are perfection and the chemistry they have is sizzling! I was sweating it out with nerves at Chapter 4 and the rollercoaster never ended' 5* READER REVIEW'Crew . . . really had me wrapped around his finger by the end of the book' 5* READER REVIEW 'I fell madly in love with Wren and Crew. A delightful balance of slow burn and enemies to friends to lovers, and will capture every romance reader's heart' 5* READER REVIEW