Convicting Britain's Most Ruthless Criminals : Case Files for the Prosecution

Convicting Britain's Most Ruthless Criminals : Case Files for the Prosecution

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Vivien Holland

Category: True Crime

Publication date: 3/31/23

Publisher: Pen & Sword True Crime

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 224 pages, 30 mono

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Safely convicting criminals relies on finding the truth. But what is the truth and can we ever get the complete picture? Convicting Britain�_Ts Most Ruthless Criminals is a collection of serious crime cases in modern Britain. It gives a detailed insight into the amassing of evidence for the prosecution and how the truth can be uncovered, given that there is always a piece of evidence missing, whether it is a hidden fortune, an elusive murder weapon or even an undiscovered body, in order to bring about a safe conviction. Drawing on detailed analysis of leading prosecutors�_T speeches combined with expert witness information and press reports, these are fascinating stories of criminal acts, their perpetrators, and how they were brought to justice by putting together a jigsaw of evidence, much of which has never been revealed before, which includes ballistics, pathology, mobile phone records and CCTV analysis. Enough to get as close to the real truth as possible, given that the picture of each jigsaw is never completely revealed. There is the case of a bungled robbery that ended up as murder, a staged gem heist only uncovered years later during a plea-bargaining exercise, a death in police custody, a serial killer who decided to confess, and a Ponzi scheme that eventually collapsed. The cases are intertwined with stories and anecdotes including how jurors have themselves broken the law, how the gangland drugs scene became big business and why there is so much dressing up in court.