The Short Straw : `An intensely readable and gripping pageturner' - Alex Michaelides, author of THE SILENT PATIENT

The Short Straw : `An intensely readable and gripping pageturner'

Alex Michaelides, author of THE SILENT PATIENT

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Holly Seddon

Category: Fiction / Crime Thrillers

Publication date: 9/14/23

Publisher: Orion

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 368 pages

Weight: 580

Dimensions: 164 x 241 x 34

An outstanding thriller. Just make sure you read it with ALL the lights on.' Reader review �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_'All the wows!!!' Reader review �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_One sister went out into the dark for help. Will she come back?Returning from a difficult visit to their father, three sisters find themselves lost in a storm. Together, they seek safety in an abandoned manor house, a place where they spent a troubled childhood clinging to each other for support, before one day fleeing with their parents in the dead of night. As the storm intensifies, the sisters draw straws to decide who should go outside to get help. But as they separate, they realise they might not be alone. . . Why did the family leave so suddenly all those years ago? Who else is hiding in the house? And will the sisters survive the night?Read what everyone is saying about The Short Straw:'An intensely readable and gripping page-turner. By turns tense, shocking and moving, and with an atmosphere you could cut with a knife' ALEX MICHAELIDES'An addictive read that takes place over one unforgettable night where one family's secrets rise to the surface - Patricia Highsmith meets Shirley Jackson' GILLIAN MCALLISTER'Deliciously creepy, and a fascinating study of the complex, often toxic, relationships within families' SHARON BOLTON'Utterly gripping and unputdownable' JANE FALLON'Having three sisters, I could relate to the sibling dynamics . . . It's twisty, gothic, and with a heartbreakingly shocking reveal' LISA HALL'Holly creates such exquisite tension that you really can't put her books down . . . I felt the sense of place, the weather, the cold in that house in my bones' EMMA CURTIS'Gripping, creepy and drenched in atmosphere' CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD'This irresistible slow-burn thriller is as much a study of family dynamics as it is a creepy & suspense-filled spine-tingler' FIONA CUMMINS