Goodbye Eastern Europe : An Intimate History of a Divided Land

Goodbye Eastern Europe : An Intimate History of a Divided Land

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Jacob Mikanowski

Category: History & Nostalgia

Publication date: 5/18/23

Publisher: Oneworld Publications

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 400 pages

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Dimensions: 240 x 161 x 35

An epic history of the �_~other�_T Europe, a place of conflict and coexistence, of faith and folklore. �_~Do not rush to bid farewell to eastern Europe until reading this book. Meticulously researched and beautifully written, this very personal story of the place that one can�_Tt find on the map pays tribute to the origins of the experiences, cultures and ideas that continue to shape political and ideological battles of the modern world.�_T Serhii PlokhyEastern Europe is more than the sum total of its annexations, invasions and independence declarations. From the Baltics to the Balkans, from Prague to Kiev, the area exuded a tragicomic character like no other. This is a paean for a disappearing world of movable borders, sacred groves and syncretism. And an invitation to not forget. ***A SPECTATOR BOOK OF THE YEAR 2023�_~An insightful chronicle�_� distilling more than a decade of research, [Mikanowski] carefully argues that if something marks out Europe�_Ts eastern half, it is not homogeneity but wild, glorious diversity.�_T �_"Economist�_~A lively and sweeping history.�_T �_"Washington Post�_~Goodbye Eastern Europe is a thematic history of a divided half-continent, a goulash of imperial histories, shifting frontiers and heartbreaking family stories, spiced with myth and poet-martyrs, and deeply satisfying on the palate�_� vital and informed.�_T �_"TLS