The Last Hour Study Guide - An Israeli Insider Looks at the End Times

The Last Hour Study Guide

An Israeli Insider Looks at the End Times

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Amir Tsarfati

Category: Religion

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 9/12/23

Publisher: Chosen Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

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As the last hour approaches, it's time to topple misconceptions and discern God's plan. We all have questions about the end times. But as Israeli Christian and respected Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati explains, biblical prophecy is a mystery, not a secret. Understanding is available to anyone who takes the time to study it. Designed as a companion to the bestselling and eye-opening book The Last Hour, this study guide is full of thought-provoking* reflection questions* discussion starters* Scripture studies* bonus reading material* and practical applicationAs the last hour approaches, rather than engaging in speculation and playing on people's fears, Amir poses real-life scenarios grounded in biblical truth and helps you explore biblical prophecy--and its modern-day application and fulfillment--in fresh and fascinating ways. Praise for The Last Hour:"This timely book is a well-written, thrilling, thought-provoking, challenging, encouraging must-read."--Anne Graham Lotz"What God has promised to His people, He is fulfilling. I believe that God is going to use The Last Hour to open hearts to the Gospel."--Dr. David Jeremiah