The Castle Keepers : A Novel

The Castle Keepers : A Novel

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J'nell Ciesielski

Category: Fiction Saga / Historical

Publication date: 5/25/23

Publisher: Harper Muse

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 384 pages

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Dimensions: 137 x 212 x 27

�_oA fascinating story of love�_Ts ability to overcome family curses, scandals, and even war. Told in three parts, this multi-generational tale is wonderfully heartwarming!�__ �_"Madeline Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Bookshop in LondonLeedswick Castle has housed the Alnwick family in the English countryside for generations, despite a family curse determined to destroy their legacy and erase them from history. 1870. After a disastrous dinner at the Astor mansion forces her to flee New York in disgrace, socialite Beatrice Holbrook knows her performance in London must be a triumph. When she catches the eye of Charles Alnwick, one of the town�_Ts most enviably titled bachelors, she prepares to attempt a social coup and become the future Marchioness of Northridge. Then tragedy and scandal strike the Alnwick family, and Beatrice must assume the role of a lifetime: that of her true, brave self. 1917. Artist Elena Hamilton arrives in Northumberland determined to transform a soldier�_Ts wounds into something beautiful. Tobias Alnwick�_Ts parents have commissioned a lifelike mask to help their son return to his former self after battle wounds partially destroyed his face. But Elena doesn�_Tt see a man who needs fixing�_"she sees a man who needn�_Tt hide. Yet secrets from their past threaten to chase away the peace they�_Tve found in each other and destroy the future they�_Tre creating. 1945. Alec Alnwick returns home from the war haunted but determined to leave death and destruction behind. With the help of Brigitta Mayr, the brilliant young psychoanalyst whose correspondence was a lifeline during his time on the Western Front, he reconstructs his family�_Ts large estate into a rehabilitation center for similarly wounded soldiers. Alec�_Ts efforts may be the only chance to redeem his family legacy�_"and break the curse on the Alnwick name�_"once and for all. Three beloved authors share stories of the Alnwick family through the generations, revealing how love and war can change a place�_"but only its people can unshackle it from the misdeeds of the past. Multiple historical timelines following generations of one familyStand-alone collection of connected storiesIncludes discussion questions for book clubs