Zora Books Her Happy Ever After

Zora Books Her Happy Ever After

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Taj McCoy

Category: Fiction Romantic

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 4/27/23

Publisher: Renegade Books

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 320 pages

Weight: 256

Dimensions: 127 x 198 x 33

Listen, if you haven't read Taj McCoy's books, you are missing out!' Jesse Sutanto, author of Dial A for AuntiesZora has committed every inch of her life to establishing her thriving DC bookstore, making it into a pillar of the community, and she just hasn't had time for romance. But when a mystery author she's been crushing on for years agrees to have an event at her store, she starts to rethink her priorities . . . Lawrence is every bit as charming as she imagined, even if his understanding of his own books seems just a bit shallow. When he asks her out after his reading, she's almost elated enough to forget about the grumpy guy who sat next to her making snide comments all evening. Apparently the grouch is Lawrence's best friend, Reid, but she can't imagine what kind of friendship that must be. They couldn't be more different. As she starts seeing Lawrence, and spending more and more time with Reid, Zora finds first impressions can be deceiving. Reid is smart and thoughtful, and also, very interested in Zora. After years of avoiding dating, she suddenly has two handsome men competing for her affection. But even as she struggles to choose between them, she can't shake the feeling that they're both hiding something - a mystery she's determined to solve before she can find her Happy Ever After.