Fermentation : History, Uses and Recipes

Fermentation : History, Uses and Recipes

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Stephane Ros

Category: Cookery (General)

Publication date: 4/24/23

Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

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Yeasts and bacteria are the pioneers of life on earth. They are present everywhere in our environment, and they make the fermented foods and drinks that are at the heart of cuisines around the world. From hanging game to �_oage�__ in prehistoric times to the latest technological research, the methods of fermentation have been greatly refined but the principle remains the same: we rely on living organisms to improve taste and human nutrition. Through the exploration of food history that is almost as old as humanity, and an overview of key products �_" including bread, cheese, wine, beer, coffee and yogurt �_" this book immerses us in a world of unexpected flavours and textures. Some thirty tasty recipes �_" from simple (pickles, salmon gravlax, pretzels and kombucha) to sophisticated which were conceived by the experts of the Institut Paul Bocuse�_"enable everyone to discover the rich flavours offered by fermentation.