The Playbook : How to Deny Science, Sell Lies, and Make a Killing in the Corporate World

The Playbook : How to Deny Science, Sell Lies, and Make a Killing in the Corporate World

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Jennifer Jacquet

Category: Sociology & Human Behaviour

Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 6/29/23

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 240 pages

Weight: 180

Dimensions: 128 x 195 x 16

This brilliantly subversive and witty book lays bare the techniques of manipulation and disinformation that keep the rich and powerful rich and powerful. . . A landmark book' Brian Eno'Very funny, as satire should be, until you realise it's deadly serious' Adam Rutherford, BBC Radio 4 Start the WeekKnowledge is power. Which is why the rich and powerful don't want you to have it. The Playbook is an expose of the extraordinary lengths that corporations will go to in order to spread disinformation and deny the scientific facts - around climate change, public health risks and worker safety - when they don't suit their agenda. Written in the form of a corporate handbook for tobacco, oil and pharmaceutical company executives, it is a litany of obfuscation techniques, denial, delays and outright lies, including: how to recruit an academic 'expert' who is willing to compromise their integrity (or is just short of cash), how to massage the statistics, how to use legal and even physical intimidation against reporters and activists, and how, just as in a casino, to keep your customers comfortable, unquestioning, unthinking and playing along for as long as possible. Part satire, part social history, part guide to resistance, The Playbook is a charge sheet against the powerful. It shows us how, by understanding the methods and motives of disinformation campaigns, we may be able to outwit them.