The Wrecker's Curse

The Wrecker's Curse

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Jo Silva


Category: Fiction / Crime Thrillers

Publication date: 3/30/23

Publisher: One More Chapter

ISBN 13: 9780198810506

Total Pages: 384 pages

Weight: 264

Dimensions: 129 x 198 x 32

�_~The sleeper book of the year�_� so much fun to read that you forget to even try and solve the case. And good luck solving it anyway, with twists within twists within twists�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ Donna Nightshade�_Ts first rule of composting: shred. Things rot quicker that way �_" cabbages, flowers, dead bodies�_� When Donna branches out from floristry to private investigation and opens The Edge of the World Detective Agency, the last thing she expects is to have a murder fall into her lap almost immediately. Now, normally she wouldn�_Tt be one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there�_Ts one significant problem with the case �_" all the evidence points to Donna as the murderer! Donna may have hated the man, but she�_Ts not the only one who had the means and motive, so she dons her deerstalker. Staying two steps ahead of the police �_" specifically her ex, Detective Sergeant Joe Enys �_" won�_Tt be easy, but with pirate blood in her veins nothing can stop �_~deadly�_T Donna from claiming her bounty and making the real culprit walk the plank! Readers ADORE The Edge of the World Detective Agency: �_~Set in beautiful Cornwall, the characters were quirky and slightly magical, the writing was good and the mystery was totally unpredictable. Well done to the author for writing an excellent cosy mystery whilst avoiding some of the normal characteristics of the genre.�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ �_~Intelligently written with comedy, sarcasm, murder and peculiarity at its heart making for an entertaining and intriguing read�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ �_~There aren�_Tt enough words to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Odd. Funny. Engaging. Brilliant. I absolutely loved it. I am not often lost for words when trying to explain what makes a book special�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ �_~I didn�_Tt put it down until I was finished�_�and slightly sleep deprived as a result�_�and I�_Tm thrilled!�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ �_~Kept me reading and put a smile on my face. And I can�_Tt ask more than that. A really promising debut�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ �_~Reflects (exaggerates) the eccentricities of the British people, in particular the Cornish�_� the author brought wicked sarcasm and snark into her characters�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_ �_~More than a fun read, it is a good cozy mystery with fascinating characters, sneaky twists, and incredible red herrings�_T �-_�-_�-_�-_�-_